Anastasia WITHERS

Also known as: née Splain

Born: 1825

Died: 19 May 1889


  • Image - Anastasia Withers

    WITHERS 1824 - 1889

    Photo provided by her great granddaughter Edith LAWN.

  • References

    Information provided to National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame by Anastasia WITHERS’ great granddaughters Edith LAWN and Ildie HOUSTON, no date.

    “For a considerable time was the only woman on the Bendigo goldfields.  She was given gold by the miners to “look after” and she made a belt to go under her skirt for this purpose.  In Ballarat at the Eureka uprising she and two other women sewed together the original Eureka Flag.  Now it is hung in the Ballarat Art Gallery being conserved by her great-great granddaughter, Valda D’Angri before she (Valda) knew of Anastasia’s connection with it.  A true coincidence!  In the restoration Valda found a small embroidered ‘W’ and a hand made pin cushion."

    “Anastasia brought out from England Primrose seeds & they still grow on the Moyston property.”

  • References

    Information provided in a letter to National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame by great granddaughter Edith LAWN, 28 August 1994.

    “Anastasia helped her husband run an orchard in Moyston near Ararat, Victoria, & they sold their fruit in Horsham, taking it up there by horse & cart.  ‘The Eureka Flag’ must have been the highlight of her life.”  

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