Charlotte Bridget Godhauter SOMERFIELD

Also known as: née Jung

Born: 28 November 1870

Died: 30 July 1946


  • Image - Charlotte Somerfield and William Ephraim Somerfield circa 1920

    Source: NPWHF Collection. Kindly donated by Lynn Lowe.

  • Document - "Charlotte Somerfield (nee JUNG) 1870-1946"

    Based on information provided by family and additional research by former NPWHF curator Pauline Cockrill

    Source: NPWHF collection.

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  • References

    Northern Territory Archives Service has a collection attributed to Joe SOMERFIELD - NTRS 627, Personal photographs featuring family and camels at Finke River 1921-27.  In this collection, there is a photograph of "Joe Somerfield's mother on the back of a camel with the Oodnadatta/Alice Springs Mail, 1921."